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28 April 2006


patrick s

Thanks for the info. You always have the heads up.


E. Lynn is abslutely the most wonderful author. I will be among the first to buy this!


Why the hell would you feel "comfortable" there? The black church is a homophobe's haven. These are the same people who get a kick out of Madea. Buy a clue.

a thomas c

i dunno...his stories have become very mainstream and accomodating to straight folks...that's shit that i couldn't care less for...


Regardless of whether or not folks think ELH is still relevant to black/gay fiction, he is more than qualified to explore this topic at length.

My "cup-half-full" perspective believes that his so-called deference to straight mainstream readers is a great tool to make them aware of issues they'd otherwise not be privy to.

And, yes, it gets him paid. There's nothing wrong with writing to entertain, educate and generate income.


I have to say congrats to E. Lynn Harris for his new book. I must say that this book dealing with the black church and gays is not the first book that I have read on this subject. New author Douglas Cooper-Spencer, wrote a book titled "This Place of Men" that deals with the complex relationship between the gays and the black church. If you looking for great book to read this summer check out "This Place of Men" by Douglas Cooper-Spencer.

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