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11 May 2006



And on a purely superficial note... Busta has not preserved his sexy.


you beat me to it. he needs to find a treadmill with a quickness!


Even moreso -He never was sexy. To mirror Hot 97's Star "I'll give $500 to anyone who will O.J. this nigga". This is why I just don't like Jamaican men, or very many of caribbean descent. Sure they may come off suave and appealing with their accents and exoticness. They're really nothing more than womanizing, homophobic, and at times just too gangta to live in civilization.


busta needs to get a grip...god don't like ugly

Waddie G.

There's no proof about the "alleged", and yes "implied" gay-bashing incident that took place in Miami. We know how "queens" are...if it was true, the alleged victim would have been on any new outlet possible to put Busta Rhymes on blast...so for right now, it's just plain ol' rumor...let's be real about it.

Derrick from Philly

Again, I don't understand the Hip Hop generation. Back in my day, black male singers/entertainers took pride in looking handsome and CLEAN (Marvin Gaye, Smokey Robinson, Teddy Pendergrass, etc.) These young Hip Hop nigguhs look like nigguhs. And he aint even young no more. He and LL Cool Whatever, need to pull up their damn pants--change their drawahs first. All that damn money and you look like you smell bad.....oh, please.


Remember when Mary was about to f*ck somebody up at Vibe for publishing that horrible cover photo of her a while back? I wonder if Busta even has the sense to realize how jacked he looks here. But I think this is proof -- if ya ugly inside, that sh*t will manifest outside eventually. It really will.


wow...i have to agree with everyone else here--Busta needs to man up and just get a grip. The duct tape aesthetic? come on...guit personified. just tell the truth...if folk are really going to "keep it real", then you wont get shot for telling the truth...give me a break.

And no Busta has NOT preserved his sexy...AT ALL. he was never attractive to begin with...

folk should check out this link: http://www.villagevoice.com/blogs/statusainthood/archives/2006/05/does_anyone_car.php

Breihan lays busta out and is probably the most accurate about Busta's career and what not.

And VIBE magazine stopped address LGBT concerns when Emil Wilbekin stepped down as editor in chief of the mag...You can say what you want about Emil, but he was on point about addressing homophobia at length in the mag...

Mimi Valdes: ehh, WHATEVER. she was a decent editor when she worked under Emil and she's worse now.

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