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30 May 2006


Lee Owens

Kelis is fierce, thanks for the heads up.


I'm reading interview, it's good that she speaks out on homophobia. Too bad this isn't to a hip-hop audience, but as you pointed out with Busta in Vibe, those "journalists" never ask those questions.


Meredith is focusing on the brother candy plus that new gig at Today. Rod, we know you love Katie Couric, are you following her to CBS?

Tony R

Not sure what to make of the rap and hip-hop backlash against Oprah. Apparently its been brewing for some time. But its plainly obvious her show is programmed for white women and shall we say bourgeois blacks., But that is not a problem, many of the people whom Ice Cube and Ludacris speak to are simply not interested in Oprah's pop psychology.

I've been lurking for some time and may I say that this is a great blog. Just looking at the abopve section--hot men, a silly pop group, Ice Cuvbe vs Oprah and Kelis on gays--it's very diverse. No one else does this for black gay men. No one.

Joe Jons

So the first week of summer is swimwear week at Rod 2.0? Keep it up.


Well, I can understand why Meredith was having a hard time focusing. Man, is that man fine.

Sidenote: "The View" is a guilty pleasure of mine. They have really interesting topics, from time to time.


Well, let's see Ice Cube... Perhaps Oprah doesn't feel that being a rags-to-riches story gets you a pass on the words, Nigger, bitches and ho's and the denegration of "our people" in YOUR music on HER show. Think about it.

PS Get a real name!

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