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12 May 2006


Derrick from Philly

If that monkey lookin' savage had bashed a white boy, his ass would've received a 30 year sentence...well, then again, sometimes the gay panic defense works against them too. I wonder if he got the gay panic while his ugly ass was in prison?


During the trial, Gregory Love said that he was still experiencing seizures because of the attack, and doctors said that he will probably have problems with seizures for the rest of his life. Taking that into account I can't believe that the judge would reduce the sentence of that piece of slime. But, this is the same judge who refused to sentence Price under the hate crimes law.

The sad thing about this is that many Black people in Atlanta believe that Price was justified in his actions. Even those who think Price shouldn't have used a bat, believe that it would have been okay if he had rounded up a gang of other students and gang attacked Love. I have no idea how we are going to stop these things from happening, especially when judges act like they are not a big deal.

a thomas c

i think what is most scary about this entire incident is that the very perception of gayness is grounds for assault, particularly construed this way when we consider that the sentence was reduced...

i *HATE* prisons...i've volunteered at one for the past year and i think they are not liberatory, they are not places to heal and they do not assist the incarcerated with becoming whole...

yet it still bothers me how this shit went down...Judith Butler writes about how speech can be injurious (Excitable Speech) but what is salient here is that a bodily act, or a *perceived* bodily act (i.e., appearing to look at someone in the shower) is enough to 1) constitute a straight man's body as gay... 2) implicate that the "gay" man wanted to force sex upon the "straight" man...

this shit just bothers me...and it's no accident that his father is a prominent minister in chicago...makes the homophobia allthemore understandable...


so if it's the twinkie defense when a straight guy murders a gay guy, what is it when an angry scared gay guy murders a straight guy, like for fun or fear or sport? the beef jerky defense?

M Frazier

I can only imagine he had a very long 3 years in prison, if he only interacted with the straight prisoners in a Georgia prison


and they say the justice system works in america...things like that show how backwards the justice system is

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