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26 May 2006


Lee Owens

Thanks for pointing this out. I heard the story but didn't know it was a young black kid. We often ignore those who don't look or act the way we think they should, right?


dayum shame! he should sue!


Running across this really makes me sad and actually a little sick, because I'm from Gary and I'll be heading back there in the near future. I actually know the principal and school superintendent personally and I can't believe they would act in such a manner. This is really sad and, if it isn't rectified, I can definitely see myself in a series of personal meetings with them, because this is simply intolerable.

taylor Siluwé

Thanks for covering this Rod, and for the shout.

After a weekend in DC filled with love & fraternity @ Black Pride, I'm brimming with hope that our community is moving forward in the healing process. Because until we fix what's broken inside and tackle our own biases, we can't do much about spreading tolerance to the mainstream.

On another note: Where did the gay go? When did the 'gay' vanish from black gay pride celebrations?

It's a curious thing. Can anyone tell me why this is?


This is kind of... well, not kind of. It is sad that people are still so damned ignorant, banning people from the prom for frivilousness such as this. The prom is the highlight of most high schoolers' careers, so who is he hurting dressing in drag? No one. Alas, this is not surprsing, in the least. As long there are bigots, things like this will continue to happen.

Okay, my rant is over.

Take care.

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