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30 May 2006



Great article. This may be our first black president.

Lee Owens

Barak Obama is the future of the party. But I think Hillary will run. Not sure can she win, tho.

Joe Jons

It interesting how you referenced the earlier ubersexual article. often, media tries to limit the perception of black men as natural leaders. I wonder why is Obama not treated like this? Possibly because he's not a preacher-civil rights type who injects race into everything?


Anyone will be better than "Dubya." Thank God that he cannot run in anymore.

Derrick from Philly

White folks in Illinois are obviously more progressive than white people in the rest of the country. I think most white Americans would vote for an Eskimo before they'd vote for a black man. Actually, I'm not sure what Obama stands for, but that might be my fault. Hillary's a big disappointment already, she has no soul. Maybe Al Gore will make a comeback. He'd TRY to raise taxes on the wealthy bastards in this country, and do something about our ridiculous foreign policy which gives un-questioned support to Israel. Maybe I'm f___in' dreamin'.

Derrick from Philly

A clarification.
....unquestioned support for Israel WHICH HAS ALLOWED EXTREMEST MUSLIM LUNATICS (WHO KILL GAY PEOPLE) TO TAKE OVER THE ISLAMIC WORLD. i got the spirit this mornin'

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