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19 May 2006



I wouldn't care if Oprah never embracd the hip-hop community, not until it cleaned up its act and stopped poisoning generations of brown people, anyway. They go against everything she stands for. Even her brand of materialism is infinitely healthier. To know she has that gutter rat on her iPod sickens me. The music played on Power 105 goes hand in hand with their DJs, who can't resist using the airwaves to threaten kids with molestation. And THEY need an olive branch from Oprah? WTF???

my truth

aahh...give Oprah a break, does she have to be into everything every black person is into? I had a chance to hear Randall speak on the topic and his book. I thought he sucked personally. Not because of his decision, but his whole presentation was lacking


Ludacris is Ridiculous!! He does not watch "The Oprah Show" nor do any of his hip-hop fan base. The format of her show for the last 20years has been wonderfully formatted, by Madison Ave., to SUCK the American WHITE housewife out of $$$$$$.

It has only been over the past 5-7 years that the show has targeted
Blacks/Latinas!! Besides if you watched the "Crash" episode with Ludacris remember he had little input and could not support his own argument of the use of


I find it ever intriguing the Black folks always want Oprah at the forefront of every Black issue, because she's the BLACK VOICE, but then talk about how they don't like her, support her or watch her "because she's always doing for white" people. Well, I have been watching Oprah on TV in BEFORE she went national, as she was on Baltimore TV when I lived in DC, and I know that she has always and all ways done more for Black folks than not just the folks "talking" about her but more than MOST CELEBRITIES. Her generosity has called so many to task and UP into greater deeds. Watching a young brother like KEVIN GARNETT get up off of $1.2 MILLION DOLLARS to build homes for KATRINA SURVIVORS shows me that SOME YOUNG PEOPLE AND CELEBRITIES ARE LISTENING...and that's all that matters.

If Luda and 50 want to be mad that Oprah isn't stupid enough to be tricked by the ookie-doke and just have them on because they are HOT, but not RESPONSIBLE, then that only shows me that they don't realize that some people are on to their games and that some people understand that CELEBRITY IS A PRIVILEGE.

Luda is mad that Oprah called him to issue for his use of words and as an artist--RAPPER--his words are all that he has and if he and 50 and other rappers can't defend/support that, then what are they?


So either they are innocent and espousing someone else's words, powerless and paid OR they are responsible for every word and every representation that each word brings.


patrick s

Oprah cannot be expected to be all things to all people. Many of our people expect black role models to be in perfect agreement.

MyTruth, are you saying that you disagree with Rod? You need to check yourself. He specifically says that he agrees with Oprah and thinks rappers, directors and singers should be conscious of that word when used in "public"

I might disagre with Rod sometimes but I don't think anyone would say that he is "into everything every black person is into." Check the archives. Oprah is only mentioned OCCASSIONALLY, Janet and and American Idol almost NEVER, almost all ghetto news is ignored, the usual racism of the week is IGNORED .. its a sophisticated blog, thats why I like it.


Oprah's message is that of calm, peace, a good life and prosperity. 50 and Ludacris fanbase are younger, angry over nothing and consumerist. They'll eventually become Oprah fans.

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