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30 May 2006


Joe Jons

This is very important, thanks for the heads up. NPR covered it this morning.


I just finished watching Part 1 and a flood of memories from the early days came rushing back. The unwarranted fears people had about how the virus was transmitted, the stigmatization of the Haitian community, the loss of sooooo many people (including family and friends), and the cruel comments from those who thought it was "God's will."

I got boiling mad at the ignorance and indifference of the @#$% Reagan administration. The same assholes are doing the same things today in the Bush administration.

Lee Owens

Part One was very strong. It was slow at first, yeah that is granted, but the beginning was mostly detective work. It was amazing how much video they have.


missed this last night because i was lesson planning will part one be aired again? because i want to watch it. But will watch the other parts.


Excellent show. It brought back a lot of memories for me as well, even though I was just a little child in the 1980s I remember the hysteria surrounding AIDS, and I also remember my older family members who died so young of "cancer."

This just confirmed for me that Reagon was an ass, that politics played a huge role in the spread of the disease in the US and that if people communicated better, we would have realized the impact that the disease was having across race, national, and sexual orientation boundaries.

It just hurts to know that so many people still don't take HIV/AIDS seriously.

Bahian Heat

The frontline presentation was very powerful. Not only did they cover the political decisions that killed people both in the USA and Africa, it also showed the power of individuals that would fight for what they believe in. Every young person...under 30 years needs to see this program. They don't remember what the face of AIDS use to look like.

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