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05 May 2006



Unfortunantly, everyone that goes to church is not OF the church. I say YEAH to the Pastor that ask for the REAL men to stand up in church. God's word does say He made no man to lay with another man nor did He make a women to lay with another woman. Thus being the distruction of Sodom and Gamora in the old testiment. Yes, God does allow you to make your own choices, however, there are long lasting consequences for the wrong choices as well as the right choices. This Pastor had to say what he said because he understands that as a servant of God he will have to answer for his flock and what they know or don't know. He spoke out about it because he wanted the people to know even though it is their choice, God is not happy with them. So you go Pastor keep preaching the word of God.... God ain't never mad at you for telling the truth! Besides you don't know what God told the Pastor to say. Read your word people in order to get to Heaven you can't have any sexual immoralities along with alot of other things but this among one of the most important. Why you do think the enemy got you doing it and thinking it's ok? Cause even the devil knows you will not go to Heaven if you don't live by the word of God... That's why the devil got kicked out because he didn't want to do God's will. You don't have to agree with what God says but if you love Him you will and do what he says. This may sound harsh but it is all in the GOOD BOOK in one form or another. This Pastor was just doing God's will and trying to save your soul....Don't hate appreciate

james waites

Hi does anyone know where I can find actual transcripts of antigay transcripts. I am interested in construction of language and biblical references for an essay I am writing.

Happy to put up my email (in Sydney Australia)



I'm shocked beyond belief! I guess I read the earlier post right that Bishop Qwens use to be a homosexual and he was delivered from it. WOW! That blew me away never knew that.

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