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05 June 2006


patrick s

How can Quincy let Beijing pimp him after their atrocious human rights record? I lost so much respect for that man ... once he was a visionary, know he's a caricature. He needs to come out of the closet.

Derrick from Philly

This Reggae thing is happening during hurricane season, isn't it? Let me get my black candles, Snake root and John the Conqueror too and get to workin'.


Ronaldinho is not a Real de Madrid player, but rather a Barcelona FC player. It is Ronaldo, a different player who plays for Madrid. Given the fierce rivalry between the two teams it is a crime to put his name next to Real de Madrid. The rivalry is such that once one plays for one time, one cannot play for the other. The fan do not like it. The last one who tried this was Figo, he went from the Braca to Madrid, and it did not go well with the fans.

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