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14 June 2006



Hey I really have been finding these stories on Cameroon really interesting because I can not here these stories anywhere else in the media. I am a US Peace Corps volunteer in Jamaica and believe me when I say Jamaica is really bad and really homophobic but it is not as bad a the gov't actually putting people in Jail. The Jamaiaca gov't does not do alot around gays but the average person can be a beast about the issue from time to time. And on a personal note your blog has kept me sane in the year that I have been here in Jamaica and hopefully it will continue while I finish my last year.

Derrick from Philly

Never recovered from slavery and colonialism. White folks can't laugh 'cause y'all caused this.


Thanks for the news from the continent(Africa)..It's crazy to see that some leaders are putting so much effort in gay witch hunting when there are more pressing real issues on the continent...I'm gay & originally from Burundi(Central-East Africa) living in Toronto now and it saddens me to see how gays are treated back there..It's not like North America is a gay paradise, but at least you know your rights here...Rod, I love your website..It's amazingly diverse..Peace!

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