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07 June 2006


Lee Owens

Darryl Stephens sounds very well-spoken and intelligent. This is a great interview.

Tony R

The new years story was very inspirational. Thanks Darryl for starting off my morning with a smile.



You just made me really rethink NOAH'S ARC and its importance on the landscape of who we are!

I am going to find this movie and check out ALL of Darryl Stephens and see how he expands and contracts as an actor!

But thank you again for the access and the insight to him!



You just made me really rethink NOAH'S ARC and its importance on the landscape of who we are!

I am going to find this movie and check out ALL of Darryl Stephens and see how he expands and contracts as an actor!

But thank you again for the access and the insight to him!


darryl hit it right on the head. the show is mildly entertaining and can provcide hope to some, no more, no less. i had no idea that he was doing some many other things. rev kev is right, a fabulous interview but they all are.

i saw your profile in the advocate. its obvious that abc taught you well.

Tony R

Bravo Darryl Stephens! We love you!

patrick s

Very good interview, Darryl has some very good points but some gay men are just naturally masculine. Others are just naturally feminine or in between. But yes the show was geared toward the femmes. Was that a bad thing? Not really, especially if people like that trans boy feel vindicated. Then its a very good thing.


i'm very excited to see the new season, with all the new casting. hopefully the acting is better because as darryl said it is a limited budget and they are getting better every day. i liked middle episodes but the finale had too many holes. but fabuilous interview! hwo d you get all these great interviews and stories?


the Boy Culture movie sounds interesting. it's good to see they didnt just put two white men together and shoot the film. not quite as revolutionary as having both characters be african american, but..........

great interview Rod. thanks!


i am so proud of darryl and i wish him nothing but the best.noah's arc will always be the one show that when i watched it it wasn't about being feminine or masculine but seeing 2 gay brothas dealing with life. i will never forget how i felt like crying after that first episode. i can't wait for the new season


I grew to like the show. Originally ok you could say I did not like Noah but he is human and has needs and emotions like everyone. Its such a blessing to see him and Wade together. Thanks for choosing those pics i almost cried. We love you Darryl Stephens!


Darryl is very courageous. He is an out black gay man working in Hollywood. More power to him.


Very very handsome young man and obviously very intelligent. Enjoyed the interview.

A. Ronald

The show grew on me. Darryl was right, it's just a tv show. After I realized that it wasn't the end all, I began to enjoy it. Rod, please please PLEASE say that you will do those recaps again.


I'm still jealous that HE was kissing MY man all last season.


Not a huge Noah's Ark fan but enjoy Darryl Stephens. I'm glad that he is positive and upbeat.

If I may say this, I'm a suburban Connecticut gay married white guy. This is my first comment after reading for five or six months. Wonderful weblog, it's like a black and brown Towleroad. Just much better written and diverse!


This is Rod.

Darryl has a point and perhaps some of us--myself included--wanted too much too quickly. The show is entertainment and it had the fortune/misfortune to be the first of its kind. But we can't ascribe to "Noah" the same aspirations that we lend to "Oprah" or even Keith or sometimes this blog--that one person or vehicle has to uplift the people. It is what it is, one, singular voice.

Thanks so much to Darryl for talking to me and all of you for raeding.

Ken Harper

The show is young and new. We should give them a chance. It takes courage to be out and we should support darryl.Many of his critics won't even give their real names.

Alan T

I wouldn't say that the recaps wee critical. They were bitchy but you have to be a bitch to be gay and watch anything. Right Miss Rod? Miss Darryl is fierce. Work on the fashions next season, tho. Come to new York and shop.


He doesn't sound anything like his character on tv that is so refreeshing.

Joe Jons

Hopefully these new casting additions will elevate the script and acting. Let us not forget that "Will & Grace" was not really a hit for several seasons. Unfortunately that show went over the top. So congratulations darryl, great interview.

very nice lips!!

Derrick from Philly

Well, THANK YOU, JESUS, and Darryl, and Rod! Anybody who has paid any attention to my ranting and raving (sometimes without logic) on Rod's,Keith's, Jasmyne's, and Towleroad's websites on this issue will know happy, overjoyed, ecstatic, orgasmic I feel after reading Rod's interview with Darryl. Finally, someone from Noah's Arc speaks out about the "femm bashing" that's gone on since the show first appeared. Also, one of very dishonest ways the critics criticized the show was to question the acting ability of the Noah's Arc cast. I knew that was dishonest, cowardly bullshit! The hyper-masculine (and macho wannabe) viewers just didn't like the gender-bending characterizations on the show. Darryl Stephens and the other performers on Noah's Arc are accomplished young actors--actually young veterans in stage,film and TV work. Lord, Ah's a happy chile this mornin'--mid mornin'. Also, if you really must see more masculine presentations of black gay men on film, there is a film called "STrange Fruit" which is coming out on DVD this month. Buy it! The main character is about as deliciously butch as a black gay boy can be...I mean, black gay MAN. Oooops.



good commericial with Darryl.



let's try that again...


Darryl Stephens is my hero. He's a good actor and very handsome and he is very confident. We love you Darryl. If you are in Miami and need a place to stay call me boo!

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