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13 June 2006



he is beautiful...but there are so many cute ones in football all with amazing legs. Such as adriano of Brazil, the entire french team, the team for Cote D'ivoire

As a man who loves thick thighs and tight asses I am in heaven watching football


Be still my beating heart! You did it again with the Boris video Rod! Thanks!

Joe Jons

adriano has been on this site several times in the past week or two. he and ronaldinho are almost ubiqiqutous (sp?) i think its good that rod is trying to showcase new faces.

Derrick from Philly

I never did care much for basketball players (like they care). I mean they're so tall and skinny. My choice of beef is on a football field-American football. Another thing, back in the day, the basketball players used to wear those nice little shorts that showcased the shape of their buns. Now, they wear them baggy-assed bloomers like that damn A.I. here in Philly. I remember how Dr J and Magic Johnson used to look in those little shorts. So, I prefer football players with their tight-ass uniforms--why, I'm an avid fan now. But I must admit, that French boy certainly is pretty to look at. You know, years ago when they took the cameras into the locker rooms after a playoff game you were almost certain to see butt naked athletes. Not any more...well, sometimes the local TV news shows give us a treat.


Where is the video clip on Asafa Powell? Keep hearing about it but there is no link to a video clip anywhere.

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