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27 June 2006



that is nice to hear and i applaud that mother for stepping up to the plate.everything happens for a reason.god put noah's arc here for a reason.i can't wait for the second season


Could someone please tell me when the new season premieres? Thanks!


sometime nect month which is right around the corner


august 9th


^^^ppreciate that.its gonna be even better than last season and last season was very good


Am I the only one who thinks the show is great entertainmnet but not necessarily the best tool to help a kid deal with his sexuality?! I'd be scared that my kid would think being gay is all about sex considering that's what most of the characters talk about.


^^^i think it was the opposite especially when they dealt with hiv and the way they did it.they did it so differently showing compassion and showing how people with hiv look even more healthier sometimes then people without hiv lol.the show dealt with sex but i didn't feel it was in a gross way especially with it being gay black men.it wasn't all about being on the dl blah blah blah. i'm sure the mother learned somethings herself that was in a positive way instead of going off stereotypes

anthony poe

Life is about sex...where else does it come from?


I think the mother was impressed by the fact that Noah's Arc Shows gay black men in a positive light, which is probably the first time that has happened on television. On other shows they are usually one dimensional, clowns, over sexualized, and other negative stereotypes.

I know some people have a problem with the cast, but I think P.I.P. should be applauded for not showing the same old stereotypes or falling into the DL storyline that we've seen too many time and time again.


^^^for real.noah's arc was and is refreshing

Nathan Showell

Doug Spearman looks good for 45. He has nice smooth muscles, he must been working out. Either he looks ffiinnee. He got a great smile and got a great hssband on "Noah's Arc."

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