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09 June 2006



I like Raz-B I think he is incredibly sexy and I commend him for his bravery in playing any role on noahs arc especially since it isnt known for its masculinity among the key characters (excluding wade of course) however, I find it not only suspicious but down right ugly that he says things like "God lead me to it" when referring to his openness to perform at gay events or playing this character. Exactly what does GOD have to do with it? If you ask me he is using GOD as a scapegoat to keep people from further digging into his lifestyle and to clear his conscience of the decision. I find it a little repulsive when people use GODs name so loosely. If ya ask me Raz-B is quite gay but is having conflicting feelings about it. Which ALL of us go through. I wouldnt doubt if most of the members of B2k Messed around my GAYDAR/DL Meter goes off the charts but thats just me :p


Jesus Christ practiced unconditional love. UNCONDITIONAL love. I believe that is what Raz means when he says God lead him to do the role.

If it wasn't evident before, it surely is becoming ever more so; Homosexuality is not the problem. HOMOPHOBIA IS THE PROBLEM.

We need to help people overcome their rampant homophobia. It is very un-Christian.


Homophobia is not the only problem. Misoygny and self-hatred and are also the problems here as hetersexuals and homosexuals alike engage in gutter politics and the degradation of the feminine. I'd be willing to bet that if we could boil all of this down to its essence, what we would find is an argument (from both sides) that demands a "man" to be a "man" and a "woman" to be a "woman"--an argument that I find incredibly problematic.


I love what Raz B is doing with the gay community. Hopefully people will follow his lead and stop making a big deal about sexuality.

Derrick from Philly

I've never felt the need or desire to "out" celebrities or the guy down the street unless they indulged in "gay bashing" to stay on the "DL". Even when I had a crush on a celebrity I never felt the need to believe he was gay. In the early 1980s, I had an incredible crush on Howard Rollins, but I never had the need to prove he was gay, and of course the irony was, he was. So, it should be possibe for gay folks to have crushes on celebrites such as Raz B, Rockmond Dunbar, Tyson Beckford without labeling them as gay. Now, some gay guys may criticize my view, asking, "why would you not want them to be gay?" "Why would your sexual fantasy about them not involve fantasizing them as gay?" Well, that's a whole other issue, but those would be legitimate questions. You have to be a strong black man to play a gay part because of the kind of reaction and speculation you're going to get from the black community. Denzel Washington warned Will Smith about doing "the kiss" scene in "Six Degrees of Separation", saying that black people are too stupid to tell the difference between what you play on the screen and what you are in real life (I'm paraphrasing, of course). Well, Will did the "kiss scene" and to this day some black folks question his sexuality, but I guess he don't care 'cause he's a bigger star at the box office than Denzel.


Derrick (from Philly)

What Denzel actually said to Will was "IF YOU ARE GOING TO DO THE PART, COMMIT TO THE ROLE AND DO THE KISS." Will actually DID NOT do the kiss. If you check the movie, the kiss DOES NOT happen. The screen shifts and all see if the backs of their heads and Will was afraid of what hip hop would think of him. That's one of the reasons ACTORS didn't want RAPPERS to act, because they were more committed to "street cred" than to the craft of acting.

It is SO sad, indeed, that the main reason The Black Gay Community finds such a hard road to trying to gain acceptance is that WE CAN BE VERY UNACCEPTING. People like Tyson, RazB, Rockmond, Mathew St. Patrick (Six Feet Under) and others, have tried to shine a positive light, only to be met with ugliness, from the "straight community," to SUSPICION from us.

Sir Laurence Oliver said it best, when he spoke with Dustin Huffman who told him of all of the "research" he had done for Midnight Cowboy, living on the streets, working with hustlers and all these elaborate details to "get into character." Sir Olivier, long tauted as the world's greatest actor, said "IT'S CALLED ACTING, SON."

These guys are acting. People act and I hate that we can't get pass this kind of insinuation!

THANK YOU ROD for giving light to Raz and Rockmond and Keith and getting us to SEE all of the cool people who really are trying to take us higher!

Raz is my boy and I wasn't even sure if I was going to be all that into NOAH'S ARC's new season but with all of these brilliant actors (including Victoria Rowell from Y&R) and other celebrities like RazB, stepping up to say WE ARE WITH YOU, I am not only tuning in, I AM GOING TO BE THE SHOW'S BIGGEST CHEERLEADER! We start with the ARC, insuring that EVERYBODY GETS ON BOARD, and then we set sail and create other works--DIRTY LAUNDRY, THE DL CHRONICLES, JUMPIN THE BROOM, THE RECEPTION--and keep getting our TRUE IMAGES...all of them...OUT THERE UNTIL WE SEE OURSELVES AND OTHERS SEE US AS WE REALLY ARE--not a stereotyped image!

Bravo and let's go to these sites and shut them down and shut them up by posting some REAL LOVE, for these actors, and make NOAH'S ARC so successful that LUDACRIS AND FIFTY will be running to get on board there, just like they are in White Hollywood!

As Bonnie Raitt sang:




But Derrick, you still make some amazingly poignant points and THANK YOU for them. You are right. FANTASIES are just that. They don't have to be grounded in anything but the moments in your head.

Thank you for reminding us of that, as I sit here now "FANTASIZING" about just how BEAUTIFUL (!!!) Keith Hamilton Cobb is and HOW great he will be to see on this show!


RevKev are you sure? I thought I saw Will Smith kiss the straight guy when they went to the fancy restaurant or in that horse-drawn carriage, I don't remember which. And what about the scene with the rich college kid in Boston... didn't he kiss him? And why would he be worried about a kiss when he there was a naked white man stradling him in the sex scene in the Kittridge's Manhattan apartment? Maybe that was a double?


RevKev is correct. Will Smith did not kiss his male co-star and was widely criticized for his public statements about the gay angle.

That is a side issue. It's great that Rod has pointed out that we won't take charge of our own issues and then will mistrust straight people who want to be allies. There is something very sad about our community. We'd rather complain than try to help.

AIDS is the biggest threat facing black SGL men and we would rather obsess over Oprah and American Idol.

Derrick from Philly

The RevKev: Thanks for straightening me out about the Denzel/Will episode. To think, as much as I love Denzel's work, I'd been holding a grudge against him all these years--a grudge based on false information. I must call Mr Washington and let him know it's alright now--he's back in my fantasies (still second to Howard Rollins).


People often hide behind good causes to fulfill their own personal agenda(s). They also a lot of times get caught up in hype and self-prmotion and make their work out to be something that it's not. So I want to see RazB's Noah's Arc character before I really applaud him for anything.

As far as concreteloop, that's a gossip site geared towards scrutinizing and making fun of celebrities. While I do find that there being 464 comments in that thread is VERY telling, I disagree with the notion that most of those posts were anti-gay. Sure you had a few dumbasses and the ignorant ones are always egregious, but CL is a site where young people rag on each other and bullshit, and I think that was most of what was going on in that particular thread.

If you would like to see my post, I was number 89.


I like your article Rod, but the sad thing is that I have heard similar comments from the gays men I know. No, not the "why would he play gay." But I have heard gay men say basically the same thing. "He was always kind of feminine" or "do you see his eyebrows". When Tyson appeared at a gay event I heard all the stories from those who claim to know he's gay. Every gay man I know, swears he knows someone who slept with some black celebrity. And it always a male stripper from DC in each story (LOL) DC must be hopping. To hear "some" gay men tell it, there are no straight black entertainers. Wendy Williams and her silliness certainly doesn't help. None of those types of attitudes help. It will be a good day when a straight entertainer can interact professionally with gays and nobody thinks the lesser of it or questions his sexuality. Great article Rod.


Raz is a courageous brotha! It's revolutionary for a young brotha in this climate to be so principled and do what he thinks is right, esp. when it is a moral right.

I fully support him and find him to be the most amazing PERSON in the industry.

Doug Cooper-Spencer

Okay, wish I had seen this before that other site was closed down. I would have weighed in. I know there is a vocal demographic that touts its homophobia, but, as well, I know there is also a silent demographic that tends to remain silent due the assumed 'minority'status'. We should all speak up and make sure our voices create a LOUD, VOCAL demographic whenever we see such crap. We need to make our presence known in the mainstream, even traditionally homophobic media as well. Maybe then more of the ones who walk around in silence will get the message that they can add their voices to our cause as well.


Regarding the comments at CL, I had a similar experience at Crunk & Disorderly. It wasn't as bad, but I could see it going in that direction. While I don't have an issue with folks making fun of dude's hair or whatever, I'm troubled by the idea that he has to "come out" in order to reconcile his career choices.

I see nothing but good in his involvement. I would've liked to have seen more comments on that.


Thanks for noting this Rod. They also acknowledged his interview on Crunk & Disorderly and I was so disturbed by all the hateful comments that people left.


i applaud raz-b and people like rockman dunbar for stepping up to the part because the black community is the most homophobic i have seen in all my 32 years of life on this place called earth.i understand if people don't want to come out sometimes especially with all the hate that comes with it but it is so nice when you see a brotha or sista who is strong enough to break the mode and say no i don't need to tell you all my business but yeah i'm gay and your point, life goes on.at some point we have to step up to the plate just like our ancestors did for us so we could have the right to vote in this country like we do today

Bahian Heat

Again Rod..great post. I don't even know who Raz is but I will sure look him up and send him some love. This goes to show you why it is so necessary that Black Gays, Lesbians, bisexuals and Trans start supporting each other. The venom in this country is getting worse not better. More self love and less hate would be helpful. Keep it up kid.


^^^thats what i'm sayin for real


As I sit here reading this article I can't help but wonder... wow if my cousin could have come out to his parents would he be facing his long struggle with HIV now? It's really sad in "our" black community, we will idolize rappers who use women like toilet paper, who portray thug life as a portal to a life filled with drive-by's and girls that just want to be used by the rap star. It's kind of sad that as a kid all I had to look up to was pimps, thieves and drug dealers. Wow, but a brotha can't stand up for safe sex, monogomy or HIV awareness... he's a punk then right? I think I'm gonna be sick.


raz is straight. a very nice kid and very heterosexual. he was a joy to have on set. thank you rod for standing up for him. and for looking out for all of us.


my name is isaiah



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