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07 June 2006



What's really interesting is the demonstration of Soviet and Slavic influneces. Estonia is right next door to Finlad, which is very gay-friendly and very receptive toward people of color.


The ambassador and his partner/husband are better off in Canad, although it is a less prestigious position.

Estonia, Latvia and Lithuiana border the Baltic just like Finland and Swedene but similarities end there. Those nations share a ugly xenophobic history with Poland, Russian and Germany.


The people in that part of the world are primarily of the same ethnic group and religion. After thew all fell many of former soviet states have tried to un-Russian their societies, cleanse them of outsiders. but they ahve always hated darker peoples which is why the baltic states took so much glee in the holocaust.


Is the ambassador married to his partner? The articles did not say.

Derrick from Philly

Isn't it ironic that the European people most liberal about gay and transgendered people tend to be those that were most involved in slavery: the Dutch, Belgians, Spaniards, the French. And those people who are supposed to know what oppression feels like are those that behave the most savagely towards gays and people of color. Kinda' reminds me of mentality of many religious black folks in this country.


They are not married. And it doesnt matter what color you are or who you like to sleep with but what kind of person you are. Besides they never reported about their incidents. Estonians just think that they had to make up a story to get out from such a small place like Tallinn. Not enough dicks....:P

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