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21 June 2006


James M

MMmmm Damn...Where have been all my life? He is amazing!!


can never have enough jason tiya!

i think i have pretty much all his vids
(did i say that outloud?!)

thanks Rod!


My Jesus!


What are the names of his vids? I must have them!

Waddie G.

my tongue is wagging to taste that luscious bubble booty


Wow, that's ahelluvalot of ass right there! Damn!


The Hangar? I knew I should have hung out there more often...LOL. He's come a long way from the low budget 'Smoking Hunks' films. Bravo for Jason


I try (real hard) not to get myself worked up over things and people I can never have.

But my lord, what a beautiful ass! Wooo!


anyone up for a scene with Jason Tiya and Marc Williams???


Anyone know how to contact Jason Tiya? he is the best thing that hit porn since....mmmmmmm I guess he's a trendsetter :) I just hope Jason does not discriminate against black guys. I have only seen him be a bottom for white guys. I would like to see him take a piece of Hershey's chocolate in that tight hole.

asa walton

hi there i have your layout and you are so fine i was wondering would you have any advice for me who is curious in getting into the porn industry.

jean-paul jousset

from france , i would like obtain if it's possible the adress mail of Jason Tiya , i would like contact and meet Jason Tiya, where he live ? is he really gay?
THANK you for your answer

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