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05 June 2006



I didnt even notice the graphics, great observation. Its a shame that he is doing this on the 25th anniversary of AIDS.

Tony R

I wonder does Roy Simmons know the good Reverend Herbert Lusk.

Anthony Poe

i mean if they really want to protect marriage then why don't they go about outlawing divorce? sounds insane doesn't it? so does this amendment. seriously though divorce threatens traditional marriage much more than allowing gays marrige rights and protections ever would...besides as a gay american, who pays taxes, how dare the federal goverment award million dollar faith based grants to churches who then turn around oppress and ostracize me! unbelievable...


I cannot stand this man or his administration. A bunch of lousy greedy men hiding in the cloak of religion. Will the people wake up and realize they are getting played?


The obvious politically motivated nature of this speech and the clearly self-serving reasons for many of those in the audience to be supportive of this, makes me wonder how these folks could ever consider themselves on a moral high ground.

This is a new low, even for them.

Cajun Kate

One easy way to avoid contacting AIDS is to make the right lifestyle choices. Those who don't unfortunately suffer the consequences. Those struggling for HIV medications would have been better off struggling against making the wrong decisions regarding their lifestyle.


Compassion is a much better response to the AIDS pandemic than judgement.

Let he who is without sin...and all that jazz.


How many gays, specifically young brothas, would get married if same-sex marriage were legal? My guess is not too many. I understand that even if we are not ready for marriage, it doesn't mean we shouldn't have the right to marry. But having the right to marry won't necesarily make brothas relationship-or marriage-focused? Having seen the documentary "Jumping the Broom" at DC's Gay Pride, I understand how we African Americans have had a long tradition of marrying outside the legal recognition of the State. I also noticed that the couples in that film were over 40. I'm lead to believe that the gay marriage debate is mostly a white gay baby-boomers issue. Older white gays are concerned about leave their "life partners" legal rights to their estates when they die. I don't see gay marriage changing the dynamic of sex, love, and relationships among black gay men. It has even less to do with monogamy and committement. With women, maybe, but with brothas, PULEZEE! What is our real stake in this?


^^ You're right, very few gays get married, white or black.

But that isn't the issue. Our "real stake" is that the administration is using gay marriage as a smokescreen when losses are mounting in Iraq, unemployment is very high and the president's poll numbers are in the toilet.

Also, with so many brothas dying from HIV, don't you find it insulting that the administration is using this to deflect attention from the epidemic? Just my thoughts.

That's our real stake in this issue.


Idiop/Iboudiop: Great idea.

I'd love to hear your thoughts on HIV/AIDS, which is probably the biggest problem facing our community and we have a real stake in that issue.

Unfortunately, you've never posted any comments to any HIV/AIDS-related stories here. And I mention and report the epidemic every week.

As Forest Gump said, that's all I have to say about that.


Ouch Rod! Ok, here are a few ideas. On gay marriage: We do have a critical stake in gay marriage as a human and legal right. We must also mature and build the type of relationships that foster the long-term commitment that leads to marriage. On HIV/AIDS: One solution lies in defeating the loneliness, desperation, nihilism and need for instant gratification that causes us to engage in “McSex,” the kind served up fast, anytime, anywhere, JUST LIKE YOU LIKE IT. Another is learning to discover our loving, sacred sexual selves, and sharing that Spirit with the One who is uniquely and divinely for us. Any more problems you want me to solve?

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