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14 June 2006



The great George Carlin is also scheduled to be a guest on the show; Id love to see him put that skinny wench in her place.

Also Rod, any chance we get some boxing recap. Cuties Winky Wright and jermaine taylor are fighting this weekend

Doug Cooper-Spencer

I am so tired of The Tired Ann Coulter. Actually, I think her constant appearances are due to networks seeking ratings numbers, but also to allow her to make a fool of herself as she presents her 'factless' statements.

Derrick from Philly

Ann Coulter has a very serious case of vagina envy. It afflicts many right-wing bitches. They resemble a man down there and it makes them contemptuous of other women. The most famous case was Phyllis Schafly. I believe she died from it, or atleast she should have.

Derrick from Philly

Oh, I mispelled the old witches last name, it's Schlafly. And she is still around--like clap.

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