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03 June 2006



The Blade article is important because the newspaper actually chastises itself for not doing more. Very rare.


to all the brothas who are hiv positive and to the ones who don't know they are(when you do find out)know that you are someone god made and you are to be treasured.never let anyone tell you different.there is nothing is life to be feared but to be understood.let's not pick and choose who we love but accept real love when its in front of you.god is love right??? exactly and you would never turn from god so keep that in mind when you come across people who are hiv+ knowingly and unknowingly.lets make this world a better place for the generation to come.

Joe Jons

i used to visit NYC often and see Harmonica's shows on Sundays. she is beautiful inside and out. her advice is very sound. thank you rod for continuing to highlight the positive and finding all this great news. good bless you harmonica.


This makes a good read.


Nice to watch


Brown Thomas Crown

I have had the pleasure of knowing Harmonica for many years, and she has always struck me as a kind and humorous person. I wish her only the best and I will always be by her side, no matter what.

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