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09 June 2006



Coulter really is out of control. I think she just says these things for shock value.


Ann Coulter's appearance on the Today Show was atrocious. She needs to be ashamed of herself.


Erich H

No, I really don't think she belives this. But she is blonde and used to be pretty? and the old men and college students love her.

And yes, 7am is too early for a "slinky black cocktail dress" hahah


Well, that last factoid sez it all. She attacks liberals as godless heathens and doesnt even attend church.

Craig Merkey


I am speechless... and that is hard to do! I would recommend a psychological evaluation. This looks like a bizarre cry for help. I really feel like even commenting on this vulgarity validates her… what ever it is.

Derrick from Philly

She has the devil in her eyes, and the style of one of those Bill Clinton trashy gals.


Republicans are so unwilling to admit they are wrong Ann Coulter is a prime example whenever faced with an argument she cant win she says bullshit like 'Your getting Testy with me' Bitch please he asked you a reasonable question and you lacked the logic to answer it. God forbid that I see her in person it would take everything I have not to SPIT in her face!

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