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25 July 2006



Dennis' body iz bangin', but something'z off in the mug area, tho'. Don't hate on me for wantin' a little cream in my coffee with navy daddy in the middle, awright?

Derrick from Philly

Crisp! Aint nothin' wrong with that boy's, I mean, man's face. The mug looks like brown suguh' to me, with those sensitive eyes (I'm a sucker for sensitive eyes--pun intended. Come on, everybody can't have a face like Darryl Stephens'.


i'm with Derrick...it ALL looks good!



thas' cool, boo. like i said, cut me a l'il slack. i guess i was just feelin' more for mocha than that particular piece of deep chcolatyness, 'k?:)


My apologies for not alerting you to this/him sooner:) I picked up my copy while shopping for groceries about a week ago. It'll be no surprise to me if he finds himself pulling over a higher number of drivers than usual this year.
And Crisp is right, there's something about that Navy boy as well...hmmm...


Just hott.


okay, i never bought an issue of muscle & fitness in my life, but i had no idea they were so openly catering to their gay following.

that picture of dennis from the back with that wet, white, see-thru bathing suit is sending me places i haven't been in a good while. i might have to pick up a few back issues. jeeezus.


He is cute and has great body.. is he gay? rod didnt mention it i dont think..


WOW...the brutha is truly phyne...
to the point of Divine! I'm not a fan of ANY cops, in general. However, this MAN employing his
'excessive fierceness,' could arrest me without ever lifting a finger...on the other hand, more than my hands above my HEAD would be raised...to where he could see them, and then some...!!!
He's really a SOLID GOLD stud. OW!

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