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05 July 2006


taylor Siluwé

Good to see Buju taking a financial hit.

Activist rabble at it's finest.


You know what? I really don't understand why all the hate? I think what I've always said is really true. "That what you most hate is that what you fear you are most like." Simply stated they should go out find a bwoi that will treat them right and work it out.


As sexy as LL is his am i the only one who is finding his music tiresome latley? its all just bubble gum pop with absolutley no meaning (if there was any before its gone now) OMG I thought i hated that horrible J-Lo song with him "You got" but a song with 50 cent? wow its gonna be as meaningless as me shouting mcdonalds ads at a macdonalds resturant lol.. as far as buju anybody feeling a little gaydar signal? he is kinda cute for a jamacian i wouldnt be surprised if he fucked some ass and then acted like he hated it afterwards (you know how those guys can be) its all a facade


I know this is old news. However, I can see Beenie getting cancelled, he's an idiot. But Buju? He hasn't said nothing like that since Boom Bye Bye last milleninummmmm....anyways. Fuck the haters.

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