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05 July 2006



I am not married but I could be wrong... but dont you have to get some sort of blood work done when you get married? Maybe that is a local thing... but I thought the marriage license process involved some sort of blood work which would have clued her in to his status then...

And just out of curiosity, how vague is the statue? I mean, is it just disclosing HIV status or really running down a list of your past lovers for your new one? What if I forget someone? Would I be guilty of breaking this rule?


Just how far back does this history check go...High school? Jr.High?First kiss?

Rod Mc

According to Marriage Laws in the US, most states no longer require blood tests. CA, NY, NJ and CT do not, but, local counties may have different ordinances.

However, if you go to the links and read the background, you'll see that the husband did not disclose to the wife that he had relations with men before and during his marriage. I guess you could say that he was on the DL. I don't know the man's race, but, this case has tremendous significance for gay men in general and gay black men in particular.

The court effectively says if you engage in high risk behavior and do not use protection, you could be liable for a suit.

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