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16 August 2006


C. Baptiste-Williams

a friend out in Cali saw a preview of Dreamgirls recently and made the same comments as Perez Hilton... I am sure opening night here in ATL will be quite..... ummmm festive.

Midnight Lounge

I am literally getting the shivahs thinkin' about Hudson giving her all to the Effie character. I guess there's no doubt I'm *that* gay, eh!

Joseph May

Time Warner is so homophobic. I live in Palm Springs, arguably the gayest city anywhere and Time Warner here will not offer ANY gay networks and will not answer any inquires from customers or anyone as to why.

RC of strangeculture

Jennifer Hudson seems like she's definitly got an academy award nod coming her way...will she do much after this...well, I hope she's got more in her than just this role.

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