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25 August 2006



John Legend is getting the gay speculation treatment because he's the opposite of everything we think a straight black male is supposed to be: he's well spoken, Ivy league educated, well dressed (no sagging pants), plays the piano, and sings love songs. We're used to black men being "thugged out" we don't know what a real gentleman of color is anymore.


Luther also had to face disrespect from up and coming artists who should be thanking him for making rnb so marketable and therby paving way for future Black artists; ref. En Vogue whilst on tour with Luther posted homophobic statements on his dressing room door as well was very bitchy towards him (I'm so glad those bitches never made it to their full potential).

No wonder our community is doing so badly in school, so materialistic, has no direction, et al. They focus on what is controversial and unimportant instead of fomenting solidarity with each-other regardless of sexuality, racial make-up, sex, religion, class, et al.

We need some serious work as a community and with the proliferation BET's hippity hop hop videos featuring hoes showing their butt cracks, platinum dentitions, glorification of thug life instead of uplifting or just plain ole clean fun themes, I so us going further down than we already are (if that is possible at all)


Some of ya'll are just missing the point. Spreading rumors about peoples' sexuality hurts gay agendas more than it helps. Bottomline. With that being said, this is a great site.

Derrick from Philly

If a black male celebrity is sympathetic to the black gay community, then I don't want him "outed" or gossiped about--whether he's gay or not. He's earned his right to "come out" whenever he feels it's all right. But if he's a homophobic hatemonger towards gays, then let's "out" the bastard. It's like when they caught Eddie Murphy with the drag queens-- it was as though Damballah had answered my greatest prayer. Eddie Murphy, that hypocritical motha' fuc...but he does have one of the cutest butts in the history of show business...chocolate too.

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