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30 August 2006



I was a Keith Hamilton Cobb before (ie w/dreads) but am even more of a fan now after reading this. Bravo to him...he also looked !HOT! on the episode last week. And I completely believe Darryl Stephens is easy to work with (lord knows I'd love to work with him:)


Please, somebody, give Darryl Stephens some lessons in just...being on screen! C and I were saying tonight that he is just a cipher, blank, a nonentity. I was thinking, who really would be attracted to his character? I mean Noah, as drawn in this series and portrayed by him? Cobb is gorgeous, and I hope they keep him around (that strange accent only adds some flavor). So much else about this series exceeds the preposterous, but Stephens takes the cake....


How rare to hear a straight man who has actually thought this stuff through and who is secure enough to talk good sense.

How refreshing, too, to hear someone not infected by church.

You know, it always seemed clear to me: Both women and men have (most of them, anyway) two arms, two legs, faces with the same parts—really, there isn’t all that much difference between them. So how hard can it be for a man who is mostly attracted to women to also be attracted to a man?

The answer to that can be found, perhaps, in how hysterically frightened most straight American men are of having a hidden gay side.


Isn't it a little disingenuous to applaud KHC for playing a gay character, but then turn around and imply that Men wouldn't be attracted to Noah because he is too femme? Some people, including Patrick Ian Polk, don't follow silly Black gay society rules about who should be in love with whom.


(1) Regarding the Noah character: I, too, was wondering how all these super-fine men are falling over themselves to get at him. But then I equated it to the way men were tripping over Sarah Jessica Parker in "Sex in the City."
Apparently they both simply represent the dreams, the fantasies of the viewers. Things happen to them, rather than their making things happen. To make their characters too dynamic might throw off the ensemble structure of the shows.
I could say more, but I know Darryl comes here, and we might want to be sensitive in our remarks. (Yo, DS, what's up!)
(2) American men, sadly, have a broad limit on the ways they choose to hide their sexual expression.
On another chat board recently, straight bros were discussing "man rules," a list of behaviors for macho men. One rule says that in a public restroom, you shouldn't speak, make eye contact or even acknowledge each other.
This struck me as the height of what Jim (above) called hysterical fear.

C. Baptiste-Williams

It is ignorant to say or think someone like in real life that is like Noah, could not pull such attractive, masculine men.

Everyone has different taste... and there is someone for everyone.

Everyone doesn't conform to the stereotypes you live by.

j. brotherlove

Noah's helpless "damsel in distress" antics annoy the hell out of me. But, it is what it is...

It's a TV show so it should not be surprising that the most attention revolves around the main character.

Keith Hamilton Cobb gets two thumbs up from me for his response.

Derek Stewart

I don't get it. What's the matter with Darryl Stephens. He's fine. I would love to discuss how his stylist dresses him sometimes, but other than that he's a hottie.


Is Keith Hamilton Cobb straight? His answers in interviews over the years have led me to believe he was barely closeted. Even in this article, he doesn't really say he's straight. He just says playing gay isn't difficult for the reasons one would think.

Vaseline Ann Johnson

Darryl Stephens is a beautiful person inside and out. Leave him alone!!! I think his acting on the show is wonderful. He never misses a beat and his timing is on point. He's an actor in the truest sense of the word. Check out the dinner scene where Noah is daydreaming about Wade (with both Dre & Quincy standing next to him) as he emerges from the room- and Noah's batting his eyes and smiling. I fell out!!! I don't know too many actors who could have pulled the intensity and mood of that scene off. He's very talented!

Andy in Seattle

Darryl Stephens has a sexy body, pretty lips, expressive eyes, great hair... and, it would seem, a rudimentary approach to acting.

--OR perhaps his directors/producers/writers want him to play the obvious in every simplistically written scene, so maybe it's not entirely his fault. The show is after all more Golden Girls than Hedda Gabler.

Darryl is dressed in clothes which might dazzle the boys in WeHo but come off a bit too circuit-circus to those not slaves to The Scene. Again, an element not in his control.

He either makes the most of (or maybe he overdoes) his unusual "Happy Birthday, Mister President" voice, which, depending on the scene, seduces with sincere romance, hisses with comic sizzle, or flares with femme aplomb. At times it's enormously entertaining. At others... wince inducing.

While it may strain credulity that every Big Butch Hot Hunk would trip and fall over each other to get to the ever-resistant Noah (making us all want to slap him upside the head), Noah is the sun in this sexual solar system, and it makes sense the laws of gravity will bend to the whim of plot needs rather that the audiences real-life experiences.

Bottom-line: Noah's Arc, like Sex in the City or Queer as Folk, wants to entertain and inform, and NA works overtime doing the former while clumsily and obviously attempting the latter. I, and many of my friends, wished it would focus more on the fun (the way Desperate Housewives doesn't try to Teach Us Any Valuable Lessons while setting up the catfights). While the show is still young, and continues to grow, it already succeeds as an eye-candy box and a guilty-pleasure of extreme drama-queenery.

I applaud the groundbreaking efforts of Darryl and the rest of the Polk queer folk, continue to hope the show can grow and deepen, and in the meantime sit back and enjoy the primary colors.

And Rod--great article at AfterElton on the ABC Special!


the difference between Noah and Doctor Guy is that one back-stabbing, man-stealer has no conscience and will clearly stop at nothing, and the other one pretends to be an innocent victim of fate. i suppose it depends on your point of view. dre, who invites him to his home, cooks him catfish and fixes him up with cute friends, needs to kick noah's ass and wade's.

K.H.C. is about as honest as he needs to be i guess, and his response is pretty cool. he somehow manages to be cryptic, revealing, AND titillating. amazing!!

as for Noah - he's apparently irresistable to phoyn ass men. Malik pulls a cake out of his ass with sparklers; Wade looks at him with that patented Jensen Atwood dazed expression of love (or weed); Quincy is sniffing the air he walks thru; and now Baby Gat wants him too. DAMN. IN FOUR EPISODES!!! i would call that "a good month." it's a tribute to Darryl's charisma and stunning looks that i still kinda sorta buy it. i guess it is called NOAH'S arc, after all. maybe the "arc" is about how Noah learns to be accountable for his own B.S.

Derrick from Philly

Gay men and DL's will never understand how a masculine man could be attractive to a feminine male. "If I wanted a woman, I could get a real woman, not an imitation," that's what all y'all say. And it sort of makes sense...to y'all. But, darlin's, love and sex don't always make sense. When I had a full head of hair, a twenty-eight inch waistline, a little make-up, a cleaned out booty; there was no trouble getting "trade" on the streets of Philadelphia. Now it's true that they weren't interested in "fallin' in love with me" but what's love got to....nevermind. And oh, my, there was dingdong galore back then--HIV and "crack" free. Hell, I was prettier than Darryl...when I was his age.


I have only one lament about Noah: it is his clothing. It (his clothes), in my humble opinion, are too gaudy... too garish. It may be part of his persona, but it should be toned down a bit. Other than that, Noah and the Arc are excellent.


wow why must everyone in a fantastic show be made to fit our own personal fantasies??? Noah is very beautiful and very attractive and there are many macho gay men that like his look and behavior...i see no problem with his character!


Doesn't it just make sense that a man who is mostly into women - or at least a lot into women - would be attracted to a guy who is more on the femme side?


i actually have no problem with Noah or his wardrobe being femme. sissy boys have to have a hero too.

my issue is that some of the shit they put on him and some of the stuff they do to his hair simply isn't flattering to Darryl Stephens. it's like they're trying to dress the character and ignoring the beautiful guy who's in front of them.

but it's working a little better this season. honestly, i liked the show last year, and i love it this year.


ok...I'll ask if no onw else will....

ROD....where are the commentaries on the weekly episodes? You wet our appetite....and then you leave us HIGH and DRY.


I like Daryl Stephens as Noah, he's a very attractive guy. The weird outfits/hairstyles are ridiculous. It doesn't matter to me that he's femme or anything. Alex is my favorite character and he is the most femme of the bunch. I just don't understand what the wardrobe people are doing with Noah?


Noah's Arc needs to be less cliched, campy and predictable. It would also help to give more attention to the masculine characters. The effeminate characters are unbearable, difficult to watch.


I agree!!! Leave the Noah character alone and stop the hating.

Fine something else to pick on.

The beautiful young actor who plays Noah does a beautiful job.


I love the show. The first of ANYTHING can never be EVERYTHING to everyone. It is impossible and unrealistic.

Morgana Giraud

Keith Hamilton Cobb is a beautiful MAN. I love Keith.

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