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02 August 2006


taylor Siluwé

I agree ...

we have bigger fish to fry. though it is a curious point that only two actors are 'out'.

** sigh **

But like I said, we got bigger fish to fry.

And one is supporting this ground-breaking show with an uproar of LOVE about season TWO so even the cast members will feel how much we love and appreciate and desperately need this show ... and many many more like it.


Oh Rod! (In my best Mary Tyler Moore as Laura Petrie voice.)

Aren't you being a bit nitpicky? Shouldn't we be hoping that the acting has improved? Wouldn't we really rather see a broader range of Black gay characters instead of just these four dizzy queens, and that Noah will stop being so shallow?Don't we all really want Darryl Stephens to cut out that annoyingly, breathy, Marilyn Monroe "Happy Birthday, Mr. President" voice? Aren't those more important concerns?

They're getting a second chance to get it right. Let's be happy, dammit. I am.


(Joan Rivers voice) Oh grow up! I'm only reporting what the Washington Blade wrote.

However, I did say that although the article had a point, it wasn't necessarily important that the actors had to be out. I was more interested in a good show. Hopefully we'll have that.

Let's not even talk about stereotypes, scripting or the show's message. I was among the first to air those concerns last fall and was roundly criticized. Since then, many others have felt more comfortable airing the same opinions. But the show has had tremendous support here at Rod 2.0. They're given huge amounts of airtime and free publicity...I even lost an advertiser or two over the many mentions of Logo and "Noah's Arc.' :)


i'm pretty sure when you go to darryl stephens' blog, he ain't exactly IN the closet. at the very least, he speaks about going to gay clubs (woody's in philly)with friends when he's NOT working and all the stuff a gay black man would.

maybe i'm reading into it, but he seems to be writing from the perspective of someone who's already told you he's gay as opposed to someone who's hiding it.


Of course, in a perfect world, it would be great if all gay actors were out. But it's far from a perfect world. And what we have to remember is- these are actors trying to have long lasting careers. And I would argue that it's we the public who are to blame for actors staying in the closet- since we can't seem to separate real life from acting. But let's applaud the fact that these guys are brave enough to play gay roles. So many actors won't even consider playing gay parts- let alone gay roles who actually have to kiss other men and be loving with other men. So whether these actors in Noah's Arc are gay or not in real life, I appreciate the fact that they're playing gay characters with multiple dimensions and actual love lives. That's more than you get on almost every other gay show out there (including Will & Grace).

Can't wait for season 2!!!


ROFL BERNIE Noah does use that "HAPPY BIRTHDAY MR. PRESIDENT VOICE"!! LOL That is fucking hilarious!

I cannot believe out of the two actors on the show that Darryl Stephens is not the one admitting he is gay! OMG.. if he is str8 then SO AM I!! I mean come on he is soooo feminine even off camera! Dozens & dozens of male actors kissing and pretending to fuck all day and only 2 admit they are gay.. lol whats that 3% of the show? Yea fucking right!


Just been reading the comments.They are quite hilarious. Can't believe how something so petty and irrelavent can cause such drama.Me thinks that the fact that the show exists at all is quite an achievement. Gay characters in SA Are almost non-existant,those that do exist are asexual( no PDA's either) .I don't see how the actors' sexualities matter.You can't expect an actor who plays a psycho on screen to be a psycho off-screen too.So why the double-standard in this case?


Derrick from Philly

I agree with Chris-Leo that when you visit Darryl's site, he makes it clear that he is gay. As for Jensen, well, he still has hopes of furthering his career as a sex symbol or "matinee idol" for young women. Why would he come out? Some actor who aint interested in being a heart-throb movie/TV star and who goes back and forth from stage to screen can come out and not care.
As for the "stereotypical" roles. Let me throw a little firecracker in here. Maybe it's easier for "straight" black actors, such as the ones playing Wade and Trey, to do love scenes with feminine males than it is for them to perform with some muscular, rough, macho man like themselves. That used to be the main characteristic of a "piece of trade" making it with a "queen". Lord, I done done it now...so what.


Gotta co-sign on some of the comments posted above. It's true that in order to have a lasting and diverse career in Hollywood, you just can't admit you're gay. Sure, some actors do, but it's a crap shoot. The lucky few, um I mean ONE, like Ian McKellen, have managed to go on to have a successful career without being typecast, but clearly, it's all very "don't ask, don't tell".

I'm alright with that. Tha cats who ARE gay do manage to purposely emmit signals our gaydar can pick up (Darryl's site), so it's all good brotha/sistas.

Jason Lester

Will there be a season 3 to Noah's Arc???

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