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11 August 2006



glad you posted this, rod. Attitude has ALWAYS been consistent with it's use of black and other models of color...Genre and many other American gay mags should SERIOUSLY be taking notes and start stepping up their editorial layouts...

of course ALL of themen are flawless and look great in the clothes...Tafari (DAYAM! I love galliano for his suits! and i have SO been looking for one with a pant JUST LIKE THAT! *swoon* unfortunately, i don't make john galliano money--YET. :)) and Raymond are particularly hot. :)

Keep up the good work! can't wait for your Noah's Arc recap!


The quartet is hot; however, out of all of them, I like "Mr. Black Tie" the best.


Raymond "The Dancer" is servin' it!! I'm just lovin' the facial expression and attitude. Co-signing on the above posts: It is so good to see our brothers representing in the fashion biz.

You know we works it best, anyways!

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