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17 August 2006



Its no surprise that 49% of HIV+ people in Amerikkka are Black. Social, economic and religious forces have for too long ignored this. The Government of Amerikkka would be only too happy if all black people either shot each other or died from HIV, lets face it they have done NOTHING to stop it from happening.


Here in Canada, we have Bill C-38 that basically grants marriage to all people, regardless of sexuality and gender. But even here this right is increasingly under attack.

Why is a loving partnership a threat to others?


There's a very interesting article airing tonight on CBC about the origins of AIDS. It deals with the possibility of the virus being a result of the polio vaccine in Central East Africa in the 50's. A theory that western scientists have spent decades refuting.


"A theory that western scientists have spent decades refuting."
That hypothesis was proposed by a journalist (he wrote a book called "The River") only in recent year so western scientists have NOT spent "decades" refuting. The scientists have tested the vaccine samples stored fr. that era and found no hiv. So his hypothesis remains unproven.


Well, the author, Edward Hooper, has been documenting for decades that theory and each time, he gets refuted. The theory is equated with the AIDS being a CIA byproduct, which itself is ridiculous, but when he published that book in 1999 the international scientific community could no longer ignore it. So yes the theory has been around for decades and refuted each time (note that he's no scientist, he's a mere literature major and former BBC correspondent). To understand this theory you'd have to familiarize yourself with the area's history with its former colonial power,Belgium. Although I don't particularly wholeheartedly embrace it, there's nothing more ridiculous than suggesting that the fact that jungle people who have been eating chimps for centuries, would only be contracting the virus in the last few decades. I'm no expert on the subject but in my opinion his theory deserves as much attention as any. No blame thrown here.

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