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31 August 2006


Rachel S

This really surprises me. I guess Barkley has mellowed with age. That's pretty impressive.


I have to agree. I'm surprised at this new and improved Mr Barkley. Don't get me wrong. I like it. It's just that I spent so many years thinking he was a bag of hot air, that a period of adjustment may take awhile. Good for you Mr Barkley, and good for me for having lived long enough to see this.

Derrick from Philly

I knew he'd get some sense in his head--the big juicy hunk of somethin'. I love beef...hell, I love pork nowadays. I ain't young no more.

Jeff Hobbs

Man I always thought he had the biggest mouth! Now hes finally putting it to good use. He may just be the most important person to speak on gay marriage mainly because hes from a boys club that is normally homophobic. I hope he can make a difference in the sports world. Having dated a closeted NFL star I can tell you its pretty bad inside.

Mel Robertson

God bless Charles Barkley. I just wish there were more real men of good will standing up for what is right.


hey charley


Hey Viktor -- So... why are you reading this website? Come on out of that nasty old closet and have some fun baby!

taylor Siluwé

Go Barkley!!

I knew I liked that man.

Bobby Alexander

I love this. Unfortunately, it would seem, just as when Kanye spoke out in defense of gays, the mainstream media--especially the minority media--chooses to look past it.

Trish and Kaila

I will, and have always loved Sir Charles Barkley.
I can work for him, just give him some loves.
He can come visit us anytime. I have loved Charles for YEARS!!!

You are the cutest.

Michael Jordan

Who would have thought. Sir Charles Coming around. Keep it up man. It suits you.

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