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17 August 2006


C. Baptiste-Williams

James Blake is the epitome of an attractive man. From a pair of shorts to jeans to a suit... he can wear it all.


Love James Blake..fantastic tennis player who will only improve as the years progress

and he looks GREAT in the layout...

and he's MINE, Rod! lol!


I don't get it.


I think I agree with tennisfreak.

Derrick from Philly

I see what kind of mens you like now, Rod. You seem to like those sensitive looking guys, but with athletic bodies--not too muscular, just defined. I coulda' looked like that when I was younger, but I was too busy tryin' to look like Dorothy Dandridge.

Detrick Wright

I found the site ineresting. The article was well written. I am interested in commercial photography. Vogue did a good job with the pictures. I am a photo major and I also play tennis. Blake is a very good tennis player and a inspiration. The layout was well balanced and arranged to meet the need of the text. The photos also portray him more than just a tennis player. They designed the pictures of him bigger to let the viewers know that the site was about him. At first I didn't get all the gay subtitles and pictures. Then I thought about a young, goodlooking, male tennis player featured in Vogue. They used traditional concept for attracting traditional sport fan who like him as an tennis player. Like straight male. They knew the women would already tune in. The new media understands that more gay male read Vogue Men. I think that was a clever way to design for digital media. The market strategy was well thoughtout.

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