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19 August 2006



***JW: Yes, that’s true. I happened to see [ gossip columnist ] Perez Hilton’s Web site and he talked about the outing of Lance Bass, saying that’s 2006 and that it won’t hurt his career. First of all, that’s not for you to say. Number two, just experiencing what I did, [ Hilton ] is very naive, because some people will look for any reason to silence your voice. Not everyone is ready [ to come out ].*** value-check....reality-check....guess he's not working the field in the hinterland....the nether-regions of this country. then again, with outing people in this day and age -- do you consider art and paparazzi to be one in the same??


thanks for posting about this, Rod. The Makeover is such a good album and im glad it and jody are getting heat for it...her Borderline cover is ingenious i play it ALL the damn time on my Itunes on my trusty MAC.

good work..thinking of you. :)

terrence w

Ricardo, I have no idea what you are trying to say. The point of the post is that Jody said that hopefully some good can come from that radio station fiasco.

As far as people coming out, you cannot force someone to come out. We all were closeted at one point. That's a personal decision that everyone has to make. And for the record, Lance bass was basically outed so he was forced to come out. He also has said that he doesn't want to be a role model. So far, there has been no difference in his thinking.

By the way, if a radio station can gag an artist from DISCUSSING gays, don't you think they might even go as far as to refuse to play their songs?

I love being out and gay, but we can't force people to be what they don't want to be.


Jody, you are the best. I love your videos, especially the ones by the Finch! LOL

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