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08 August 2006


Lee Hayes

Hmmmm....I'm not sure I agree with pulling the ad. I think traditional messages of HIV prevention have not worked given the CDC report that 46% of gay black men are positive. It's time to change tactics and imagery.

One thing, I can say, is that those ads do get your attention!

Dwight Powell / Clik

As I said on Keithbykin.com, this is absolutely ridiculous. THIS IS AN AWESOME CAMPAIGN. It’s on point and does not promote violence. The message is clear and to the “point”: don’t be victims – If you have been “hit”, get tested so that you don’t “hit” someone else. It’s sad that this campaign will not be utilized. I THINK THAT IT’S EXTREMELY POWERFUL and sends a strong message. I can’t understand why Lee Carson and those that support this action does not get the “point”. This is the type of to the point, in your face campaign that’s needed for our youth. None of the other softer campaigns are working.


I still don't know what I think about this. I find it offensive but I'm not the target demographic so my interpretation and feelings would probably not be the same. Seems harsh but if the other messages weren't working and this does it does good in the end.


This add does get attention, but for the wrong reasons. San Francisco is running this "Homoboy.org" campaign, their main slogan is "Dont Be a Bitch, Wear a Condom" My views relfect that of gayshamesf.org and their response. Read this.


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