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11 August 2006



What? Oh come on, now! Rich older men with poor younger guys/girls? That's happening all over the World and has been since time immemorial. What does that have to do with the killing of consenting adults (gays and lesbians)? What a jobnut!

mIkey D

Shame! Shame!

taylor Siluwé

More ramblings from the lunatic fringe ...

And funny, I didn't put Beenie in that catagory before. All this time I thought he was just an ignorant raving homophobe.


I wish I had a more eloquent response, but the only thought I can express right now is, what an ignorant, stupid fuck!

david israel

Hello-Jesus loves you unconditionally-his desire is that you too be set free=See John chapter 3, Acts chapter 1 explains homosexuality unthankfull to God one choses homosexuality-I am praying for thee!


im not sure yall know wat yall argueing about. An artist has all the right to sing about what ever he feels. Plus gays on the other hand. Why wernt there 2 men or 2 women in the beginning. Plus oce 2 people are together most cases sex is involved. Sex is not just for pleasure or to show your partner how you feel. Its for reproduction which i think is the major reason and 2 men or 2 women cant do that.


Oh, so Maestro, I guess the main or only reason you have sex is to procreate, huh? Sounds like you're one of those idiots who probably has a bunch of kids with a bunch of different women, and your broke ass don't pay for any one of 'em.

And how the hell do you know that there were no 2 men or 2 women in the beginning? Can you travel back in time and get proof? Seriously. You are just as dumb as Beenie Man!


So according to the bible, GOD didnt make two men together but he gave the ok for man and wife and man's gf on the side? Or man plus 3 baby mothers? And if the only reason for man and woman is to procreate, then there are quite a few million heterosexual couples who cannot concieve- maybe you should them a memo to suggest they part and go separate ways.
As for Beenie man, his name says it all. He has a beenie mind and beenie respect for human life. I think he should only be allowed to perform in Jamaica, where he is accepted and condoned. Ban his ignorant ass from USA , Canada and any other country that upholds human rights.

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