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21 August 2006



I think that Raz-B was excellent in his minimal, I guess you would say, cameo role. I didn't think that he'd have a speaking part, but he was good (sexy, too). :) :)

Derrick from Philly

What this young man, and I mean, MAN is is brave, truly intelligent,and strong. He must have a fabulous mamma...and daddy. Why do we always give credit to people's mammas and forget the daddys? Oh, well.

taylor Siluwé

Once again (the interview, his Noah debut) ... I'm extremely impressed with RAZ.

And it has nothing to do with the fact that I wanna fcuk his brains out.

Nothing at all.


True role models are seldom demonstrative. They seldom call great attention to themselves. They let their actions speak. Somewhere, perhaps in a lot of somewheres, there is a young man who feels a bit more confident and a little less frightened because of the example Raz has set. Raz makes me feel a bit more hopeful and proud, whether he's gay or not.

Mark Norris

Man, I when I looked at this young man portray this role I was blown away. I kept trying to see the opened shirt wearing, thugged out fashioned, Michael Jackson dancin dude in B2K, and I couldn't. I couldn't see this young man in that group. I believe this was his second role (the first in You Got Served), but his first time acting so dramatically. I am glad that he decided to take the role. He has got talent. I believe, in my opinion, that acting is where his concentration should be. Kudos to you Rod for keeping us informed on everything Noah...........


Did anyone see Raz B. in the film "Pieces of a Dream?" Go to www.one-wayproductions.com Not a lot of people know about it yet, but that's the best movie I saw him in. Go there and look at the trailer...It's DEEP!!!

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