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19 August 2006



Waouw!!... S.A has been in the spotlight lately. Ironically most of the news are HIV related. Thanks again, Rod!


No comments about the AIDs report?

I read the full article and it says 75 percent of all black gay men who are now age 23-29 will be infected. It doesn't say say that 75 percent of all black gay men will be infected. No matter, the numbers are disasterous.

Get tested, use condoms.


...just lost one of my best friends who had attempted to go exclusively herbal in his battle with HIV.

if you're HIV positive and fortunate enough to have access to anti-retroviral meds, please, please, please work with your doctor, and if he/she recommends the meds, take them, and don't stop taking them.


I disagree with Manto regarding using herbs as SUBSTITUTES but I can see why she would promote the use of herbal medicine. The majority of the country is black and traditional. Many black people use traditional medicines,even those in the cities. Treating HIV/AIDS with ARV's is a life-time commitment and many people are not disciplined w.r.t to taking medication. An example is TB where medicine is available for free at clinics but many South Africans die of the diseases because they don't take their full course of TB medication.But many use herbs on a daily basis for all their lives.I think her approach is in the right direction but extremely flawed. She can't keep defending it as blindly as she is doing,she needs to remedy the situation( no pun intended)


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