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07 August 2006



DMX is very! straight!?
i had no idea.....


Uh...yeah he is.


Okay, can I ask a rather stupid question? Umm.. maybe I need glasses or maybe I'm just out of the "what's in" loop. But err uhh? DMX I've never really found him attractive. He reminds me of the man that used to clean the toilets at my high school. I mean don't get me wrong there is got to be someone for everyone.. but for me.. umm no he's a nightmare come to life.


See for me, he's sexy. I hate his overly done machismo, but I still find him attractive. The other thing is that he reminds me of a high school crush I had! Maybe that is why I find him attractive.
Nostalgia. Who knows?


I must be one of the few gay men who can not think of one cute "rapper" other than LL Cool J and Will Smith! But, I have never found the thug look interesting to begin with, just like I've never understood the tatoo thing. DMX has so many mental issues, that it would take a saint to deal with him on any level, just s hame, all that money, anger and no one to tell him to get some help.

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