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03 August 2006



That's an unfortunate surprise.

Derrick from Philly

Back in the 1970's when I first began to develop a pro-Palestinian view, my Jewish school mates used to constantly remind me that, "Arabs were the main ones involved in the selling of Africans during the slave trade." Now, in Darfur, we also see what many Arabs think of black people. I don't like what the Isrealis are doing in Lebanon, the West Bank, and Gaza; but bigoted, racists Arabs are just as, maybe more, revolting and despicable as bigoted Zionists. I'd like to remind all Arabs that the same racist insults that you throw at that conservative Republican Condi fool are the same racist insults the Isrealis throw at your "never heard of deorderant/anti-perspirant" asses.
You Arabs shouldn't risk loosing the only major group that supports you in America. In 1978, we had a black man loose his job as Ambassador to the United Nations for just speaking to you people.


As I black man, I am saddened.

I had always sided with the Palestinian people because I considered them to be people oppressed and abused by the Israelis for far too long. The similarities between their struggle and our civil rights struggles were many, I thought.

However, this definitely makes me change my view of them and their cause(s)! I now have a lot less sympathy that is for sure.

In fact, I now hold the view that Israel should bomb them all to hell or wherever it is that their unholy koran (small case intentional) says that they will go in the afterlife.

Frickin’ racist terrorists!


In an instant, this post has completely changed my view of this whole middle east mess. I, too, felt some sympathy for the underdog, but not anymore.
As a people, it feels like now we are truly on our own, which is ok. We are the most resilient of the races any f*ckin' way!
Thanks for enlightnening me, Rod.

Derrick from Philly

All right, I've calmed down now. Of course, there are Palestinians who are racist assholes-- ungrateful for black people's support. But there are other Palestinians and other Arabs who are not, I hope. It doesn't let the Zionists or the right-wing kooks in this country off the hook. But I'm disappointed that no Arabs have spoken out against the racist attacks on that right-wing black fool--don't they know they're insulting ALL black people? You see, I can't believe this ridiculous predicament: I can't stand the US Secretary of State either, but these stupid bigoted Arabs have used her to turn me against them. Now, aint that some crazy shit?


You know what's funny. Growing up in East Africa, I've seen how arabs were frowned upon by people back home and I grew up hearing how they hated black people in the middle east so they were doing the same to them back home.
Even their black arabs in Yemen and elsewhere including modern day Sudan, don't consider themselves to be black and look down on us. Shame!!..Well Condi should just do her job and ignore those barbaric peoples as we used to call them.


Watch out for the one-sided story. You can only believe the last news article you read.


"As much as we—and many other black Americans—can sympathize with some or many of their issues, the racist demonizing is a deal-breaker." Whao there now! Here’s a news flash: Palestinians don't need our "sympathy.” They have been under the control of an extremist state, resembling apartheid-era South Africa, for the past fifty plus years. Rice is a target as leader and spokesperson for U.S. policy that essentially supports Israeli aggression, war, and the denial of Palestinians’ liberty and humanity. She’s the polar opposite of Ralph Bunche and Andrew Young, who tried in their own time to articulate the struggle of Palestinian people and shape policy toward granting them the dignity of statehood. While I don’t agree with imagery, I do understand the motivation for it. And I am one black American who sees this story as a deal-maker. I’ve committed to learning the language of the Palestinian people and continuing the Bunche legacy to fight for their freedom by helping change politics in the center.

Rod Mc

Ger2868: Both the Jerusalem Post and Al Hayat were cited and linked. Maybe you're a new reader, but, over the course of 11 or 12 years I worked at media outlets such as ABC News, NBC and the LA Times. They taught me that much. ;)

IbouDiop: This is just my opinion. However, the Palestinians and many Arab cultures have historically been hostile to black and African interests. Let's not even go into their role during the slave trade, or, the many Arab cultures--such as in Mali, Mauritania, Sudan, etc--that still enslave African and darker-skinned people.

Interesting that you would describe yourself as wanting to "change politics in the center." The politics and aesthetic of this website (and me personally) are obviously extremely centrist. However, you have constantly criticized everything here, from a simple thumbnail of Vibe to anything to do with Raz B and my obviously very moderate take on Noah's Arc. Perhaps you meant center-left. ;)


The oppressed are always so quick to become the oppressers. I am not suprised at this racism from people in arab countires but the true sad thing is no arab leader (to my knowledge) has come out and condemned it that in itself says somehting


"the oppressed are always so quick to become the oppressers." That is too true. Let's consider how racists some black people are against other blacks. How many times growing up did I hear kids and even adults demean black features and even now, I hear many black people stereotype one another.


As an Arab muslim myself, I am ashamed and condemn the racist slurs used by a few on Condi Rice. But, I must understand the pressure often felt by the oppressed people of the Middle East. Can any one honestly say that during the civil rights movement no black person ever used a racist slur against white people?

It's true. Racism against blacks is a problem in the Middle East, a problem that can only be solved threw education. Many in the Middle East do not know of the splendors of black civlizations, such as the Yoruba, Kushites, Mandinka empire of Mali. And, some who are aware tend to limit or deny there achievements.

ئبو دياب

السلامُ عليكُم أنت محيت كلماتي غير أنّ أنت لا يسكتني رعد ئبو دياب


Can some 1 translate what السلامُ عليكُم أنت محيت كلماتي غير أنّ أنت لا يسكتني رعد ئبو دياب means into english


"Peace upon you (As-Salaam Aleikom), you have erased my words, however you have not silenced me."


I would be careful about taking the reported descriptions of Secretary Rice in the Palestinian media as representative of Palestinian or Arab sentiments towards Blacks/Africans. While such statements, if true, should be condemned, they cannot be used infer the racism of all Palestinians/Arabs or to justify the unequal situation in the Middle East. Check your sources: WND.COM hosts illustrious columnist such as Ann Coulter, Dr. Laura Schlessinger, and Pat Buchanan. PMW.ORG is an organization registered in Israel, with a definite political agenda. The TMP Cafe blog entry is based on information from PMW as well.


The Arabs need to get their minds right.They are just light-skinned negroes.The bible proves that.Ismael is the father of the Arab race.His mother "Haggar" was Egyptian(Black).She married him to an Egyptian woman who was Black.

Even still,it has already been proven that Ishmael's father and his people were of Black African Negro origin.What I call what they are doin' in the middle east is "SELF HATRED".They know they are of Afican origin,especially to be descendants of Abraham who's name belongs to the Kwahu tribe of Africa.

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