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17 August 2006



I went to Zimbabwe when I was college with a friend who is gay. His moms fought in the revolution and his dad was Nigerian. I don't think they knew about him then. Its such a sad thing, how we fight for rights while trampling on the rights of others, especially in Africa. Hard to believe that South Africa is leading the charge in gay rights on the continent when just a few years ago it was considered a crime to be black.


That report on gay rights in Zimbabwe is very good. (Click here to read.) It is so nice to hear a truly sympathetic journalistic voice out of Africa. Normally, the very best we ever get from African journalists is condescending liberalism. (Usually, of course, what we get is much worse.) And it’s a report with some real research behind it, too.

Rod, I really appreciate your posting this.


He reminds me of our former president. Just before his plane was shut down by rebels he had been making silly and outdated demands in order to have all refugees come back to their native country. These tactics are very similar to all dictators who are trying to hold on to the power by finding a strawman in issues that have little bearing on the nation's well being. One of Zimbabwe's outspoken drag queens recently dissed him about that.


Mugabe sounds like yet another example of a despot with limited intelligence running amok. But thankfully a few people are standing up.

Thanks, Rod. This is blog is like the CNN for gay black men. You are the only one who even cares about Africa. Too many other bloggers are infatuated with Beyonce. "Ah well, carry on!"

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