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27 September 2006



this should come as a surprise to no one. he is 3/4 jewish, yet denies it as if it is some sort of a plague and tried to hide it. he grew up in southern california with paretns from the north, and yet, wore a lapel with the stars and bars or whatever that confederate flag this is called in high school. he had the same symbol on the back of his car for years. as some say his sick obsession with all things relating to the "good old days of the old south" speaks volumes. i suppose he will be elected president, since many of the gop faithful have found nothing wrong with his dated and warped view of blacks.


hmm. see there is a reason hwyn i said what i have said.
first. i dont like allen.
but, this is a he say/she say situation. other black teamates have said otherwise.
second. i dont care what someone does in college. He has been in office long enough to judge him on his record. (thats why i have issues with him)

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