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15 September 2006



He really is hotttt. I cannot wait to see this film.

Rod, weren't you also in Baby Boy?

Samuel I

As we speak, I'm downloding my copy of Baby Boy. That smile can light up the sky.

Derrick from Philly

Don't y'all never get tired of lookin' at pretty mens? This is the twenty-third time I've visited Rod's blog today to look at this pretty young man's pretty ol' picture, and I'm just plain sick of it. After about the fortieth time I look at him, I gonna' quit...I swear.


Also don't forget he can be seen daily on All My Children


why does everyone keep saying Marcus co-stars in Dirty Laundry? i know he's in the credits on internet movie database. i know he shot a full scene as Rockmond's ex-boyfriend. but in the cut i saw at the Urbanworld Festival, you can barely see Marcus' hip as the camera pans past him, making Marcus basically a party extra.

now unless there was a re-cut of this film, since i last saw it, someone please let me know.


The Paper baby Boy is free to download in pdf ! Always really black hotties inside, really hot. J'adore baby Boy, ce magazine présente de superbes modèles, de beaux blacks chaque mois, vraiment canons !!



Marcus Patrick suddenly seems to be everywhere! He is on the cover of Playgirl's September 2007 edition, on maleperfection.net as a featured model, has a CD out, Jett on Days of our Lives, and he's in a number of movies in 2007! I loves me some Marcus Patrick!

Mad Professah

Well I hope Marcus is in Dirty Laundery as more than just an exra--that would be a crime!

Rod, clear this up for us please!

Also, what's the latest on B-Boy Blues?

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