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25 September 2006



Thanks for the links to the video. I heard about the interview and was surprised that Fox would stoop so low.

C. Baptiste-Williams

Why would anyone be suprised that Fox would stoop that low? Fox is basically news for and by Republicans. But at least they don't even fake to be anything more than that.

Barbara Bush

Fox News, Karl Rove, and the Bush Administration are without shame.


Rod, I rather catch malaria than to catch Fox News Sunday. But I did see the vid of Pres. Clinton and it was beautiful. I only wish that BC had reached over and grabbed that slimy Chris Wallace by the shirt collar and slapped him like he owned him.


More evidence of the "Liberal Media" bias towards Clinton... Chris Wallace is so much tougher on the Bush administration... I mean I have a friend who... I think he saw an interview where Chris asked Dick Cheney about his using false documentation to get into this war in Iraq for our freedom. Um I think my friend is real, anyways, who cares... the media is Liberal and attacks Bush everyday!

By the way I am not Ann Coulter, and I have not hacked into Zeus' computer to post right wing propaganda, ok?

Later suckers... I mean my brothas!


Zeus, I'm sorry but your post is laughable. I'm still not quite sure if this was serious or some strange delusion you are having.

Rod Mc

This is Rod.
That was a joke, right "Zeus"?

Fox News is headed by Roger Ailes, the former media strategist from the Reagan and GW Bush administrations. It is owned by the notoriously right-wing Rupert Murdoch, who also owns the NY Post. Even Ray Charles can see the networks' pro-admin slant.

By the way, Media Matters and Think Progress (here) have documented how many times administration officials have come on Fox News and were **never** asked the exact same questions Wallace asked Clinton

I'm a former writer and produceer at ABC and NBC News. The myth of the "liberal media" is just that. A myth. If the media were soooo liberal, why have they given the admin a free pass on Iraq and 9/11 and dogged Clinton over every manufactured or miniscule "scandal"?

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