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29 September 2006


Stan T.

As Madea says, "Good mornting!"

Rod, you don't half-step, do you? I love the politics and gay news here. I also love that you cut back on iCandy but when you put it up, boy you let 'em have it.

Love my beautiful black and brown brothers and sisters.

Paul Tio

Dayumn. Now that's a TGIF.


now that's a man


Dinner is served!!!!

Andy in Seattle

Whutta way to start the last day of the week. Who needs coffee! Okay, I'm AWAKE! (Thanks Rod!)


Isn't "Edmund" the same dude better know as "Islander" in the LA party/dancer scene? Mos Def a hot man.

C. Baptiste-Williams

65 degrees outside and im buying swim trunks!!


just so ffffing hotttt


Yeah, "Edmund" is most definetly Islander and he lives in Los Angeles. I always see him working out in Bally's in Hollywood. He has a very macho and masculine demeanor. And he's NEVER seen, night or day, inside or outside, without his sunshades, even inside the gym! Maybe this is too much info but ol' dude is HUNG like a Clydesdale horse!!! And that skin...OMG!!! Not one blemish to be found. And fools be tripping over each other while staring at him walk outta the shower butt-azz nekkid. My buddies and I are always joking around that this cat must not be very bright because certainly God wouldn't have played that cruel a joke on all the rest on us and given one person a perfect face, body, skin and brains too! lol. A true work of art. In addition to modeling, he's also a stripper and is available for deep tissue massages. I don't think Rod would appreciate me giving out Islander's business number on his blog so I won't.

James M

DAYUMMMM!!!Thats the best lookin model you ever posted on this site!!! He is definetly going to be on my wallpaper.

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