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22 September 2006



none of this trash talk comes as a surprise, at least not to me. the gop is a party of right win, church going nuts. they are for the most part as anti-black as they are anti-gay. the sad thing is that these "pastors' who want that cash in their mitts will go along with them on the gay thing, and yet, have no way of seeing the big picture, they hate everything and everyone who isn't a fanatic and white. they harp about abortion, and yet, fight with vim and vigor to make sure poor children get nothing. i for one take the gop and the ones who profess to be born again with a grain of salt, a very large grain indeed.


Isn't Schoenewolf a Jewish name?

I swear the oppressed always turn out to be the oppressors!



The intelligence and clarity (and humor) of your postings make your blog one of the best that I read (and I don't just mean one of the best among "gay" or "black" blogs; simply one of the best all around).

This last post (essentially on the conflation of hatreds in the ex-gay world: homophobia and racism) exemplifies what's so great about your blog.

So thank you so much for giving us something substantive to think about or even to observe. If you only posted once a week that would be enough for me.

Ever appreciative,



Rod, regarding the your personal note post. Keep your head up brother, you are doing an excellent job. Don't let the few get you down. As long as I have been reading your blog, I have never been charged. Write when and what you want. I will continue to be a supporter.

One day the people that do nothing will start doing something so that they can contribute more that just an opinion.

Stay strong. I will be praying for you.


The actions of these people needs to be made public. I've often wondered why many of us choose to hide from or ignore the things that these people say, instead of making sure that mainstream America is made aware of their actions.


Rod, take care of you first and foremost.

I've been reading your blog way past a year now and I still LOVE IT!

I wish you only the best always!!

Peace to you.

Kevin C


I've just read the "Personal Note", and I want to add on by saying thanks Rod for everything that you've done. I wouldn't know about half of the things that impact the GLBT community if I had not read about it here. I've often wondered how you could keep this blog running and have a life too. Thank you for all the sacrifices that you've made in order to inform and entertain us. Please don't let the bitchy people get you down, their words are more about them than you. The rest of us are glad that you are around, no matter how often that is.

Mark Norris

Rod, you keep doing you. You are no different from the rest of us. Just like you said you have your ups and downs too. And no one, no one should ever make you feel guilty for not posting on their time schedule. I must admit I get disappointed when I come to the site and see nothing new up, but I would never, ever, ever berate you or bitch at you for not having something up on my time schedule. Nope, you are well appreciated and if you need to take time off I for one truly understand.

Love ya much,


Holly! Where did they get their history lessons from? I guess if it makes them sleep at night to believe that nonsense...
Anyways, Rod, in my mind you're the best blogger there is out there. I like how you touch on each and every issue. Keep up the good work!


African were better off as slaves, and gay people are better off as straight. Should anyone be surprised that both of these formulas came from the same mouth?

Rod, I can’t imagine anyone making any kind of negative remarks about what you do here. Exactly how much did they pay for their subscriptions, anyway?

I appreciate greatly all the time and effort you take to make this site. I especially appreciate the news from overseas.

taylor Siluwé

Yes. Quacks. And they're among us.

Scary shit.


You continue to do a great job no matter how often you post. I can always count on reading news of interest to lgbt people that I usually don't see anywhere else. Take care of you and home first. As far as the 'ex-gay' nut, it only proves the twisted link between racism, homophobia, and internalized homophobia.


About your personal note, I am reminded of the old latin phrase, "Noli nothis permittere te terere," or - don't let the bastards get you down.

Hang in there.

Derrick from Philly

Americans/Spaniards/Portugeese rewrite history to ignore the genocide and theft of two continents against Native-Americans, Zionists rewrite history to justify the displacement of Palestinians, white racists rewrite history to justify slavery, misogygists rewrite history to downplay the oppression of women...and the beat goes on.


I can't believe anyone had the audacity to carp against you for not posting enough! Un-f----ng-believable. I mean, all I can think is that it is someone who has an incurable crush on you, like many of us readers of your blog - LOL, and they're inanely trying to get your attention. Forget them.

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