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20 September 2006



In June, I asked the same question as Lagrone in this blog about why African American LGBTs consider marriage less important than building long-term relationships of any type. Frankly, I don’t know what’s worse: white gay males wanting to be imitation heterosexuals or brothas wanting to be perpetual “playas.” Here in DC, I’ve even found finding genuine friendships with SGL brothas damn near impossible. Many seem to have some ‘agenda,’ are too busy with their looks, their jobs, or finding the next best “piece,” or are vicious, egotistical individuals who cling to their own type. No wonder all my best friends are straight (and yes, they know I’m gay). Nevertheless, faith has taught me the pathway to a long-term relationship begins with me being truly happy fulfilling my dreams, growing beyond my limits and expectations of others, building on the lessons of my imperfect past, and possessing my own joy. I know there is a brotha out there I can love, even consider marrying. In the meantime, however, I realize satisfaction with my life comes first.


I feelin the last comment,but
as far as the marriage thing,I
do not go for it...because it
lets others into my relationship
and suddenly I feel like a
straight hetero...no it is not
about freedom ,its about me
having a relationship without
having to prove to society that
it is this annointed thing
by marrying...so no thanks
and by the way,I have had this
annointed thing for 14 years

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