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25 September 2006



No surprise there...and supposedly more revelations are coming out about Good Old Boy....

Also, Rod, I'm glad you're back, I wish you the best with all you've been going through, and just want to underline what others have said, keep up the excellent work, whenever you can.

Derrick from Philly

You see, this is the kind of unabashed red-neck cracka' that I ask black Republicans to take a look at when they criticized those of us who are "taken for granted by the Democrats". The Democratic Party doesn't allow people like Allen to exist in the party on a national level (probably not on a state wide level either). There are some Democrats in local government who are bigots, but nothing like this idiot racist exists as a representative of our party on a national level. The Democrats may take us for granted, but the Republicans take us as not even worthy of simple human respect.


Black Republicans = House N*ggers!

Plain and simple!!

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