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25 September 2006



I agree. Anyone who knowingly infects a person, particularly a minor, should be punished. Execution may be a slight extreme but something has to be done to stop this behavior. Something similar needs to be done here in the states. I can't stand hearing about older men misguiding teenagers or 20 something year olds into what they think is a relationship and then infecting them with AIDS. It's a shame and disgrace.

C. Baptiste-Williams

While living in DC I met a 20yo boy who had met an older guy off the internet that lived in NC. Not long after meeting in person... the 20yo found out that his first and only ever sexual encounter with this older man... had made him hiv positive.

I agree anyone knowingly infecting others should be severely punished.

Mad Professah

I agree intentionally infecting someone should be illegal. Why do you assume that the older guy knowingly infected the younger guy? Unprotected sex in DC? That 20yo boy was playing "Russian roulette" with HIV infection in a city where the rate of infection is thought to be nearly 50% among black gay men. There's always (at least) two people involved in a sexual act.

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