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14 September 2006


Andy in Seattle

Glad that you point out the racial discrepancy, as few in the mainstream media have used the term "down low" to describe the behavior of America's First (so far) Confirmed Closeted Gay Governor. If McGreevey weren't white, Oprah would be interviewing the wife, and... well you know the rest.


Have we seen the show yet? Do we know that Oprah and the audience weren't outraged?

Alan T

Oh stop with the Oprah defenses. No one said she or the audience wasn't upset. But she couldn't have been too outraged because McGreevey got a whole hour to promote his multi-milion dollar book deal ... without his wife or someone to shame him.

However, Oprah and her studio audience isn't the issue. The issue is how society treats closeted white gay men and black gay men much differently.


Dude, stop the Oprah attacks and focus on the real issue! Society is to blame for race and gender issues no some damn talk show.

Derrick from Philly

Well, I really couldn't give a damn about this issue anymore, but there is a difference between McGreevey and the black DLs presented in the media. McGreevey got caught and admitted to being "GAY". He uses the term GAY to describe himself. THe DL philosophy seems to be to deny being "GAY", that even though you're having homosexual sex, as a black man on the DL you are not "Gay"--you never identify as being gay or homosexual. That kind of reasoning is difficult for some folks to understand, and at this point, who cares?


The "Gay American" ex-governor of New Jersey gets a book deal and an hour on Oprah (to promote said book) but Terrie McMillan comes on and bashes her ex for basically doing what McGreevey did. Hmmm...


I believe that for just as much we blame society for its views on sexuality, race, and gender we have to blame Oprah as well for her contribution. As an agent of a medium that influences popular thought and how people recieve ideas (Might I add that she OWNS her show and is seen by over 100 million people daily) we cannot disavow her ethical and moral obligation as a self-identified "journalist" to provide an unbiased representation of the realities of our lives. My problem with Oprah is that she does not do work to help paint a more accurate depiction of the black gay male experience outside of being "DL" or relating to HIV/AIDS. I have see to many times where the "DL" Black gay men are villianized and white "DL" men are just confused.

If these are the only representations you see or are exposed to which if you look at her core audience, you can start to understand why society is fucked up.

C. Baptiste-Williams

Let's not forget Terry was also promoting a new book at that time.


this "man" is just scum and, its a shame that oprah is giving him a forum to tell his tawdry story, all he will do is set back gay rights. sorry, anytime a man has to do it in the park and bathrooms, no credibilty in my book, just nasty.


"We cannot disavow her ethical and moral obligation as a self-identified "journalist" to provide an unbiased representation of the realities of our lives." - Cooper

Yes we can, because Oprah does not try to present herself as an unbiased journalists. Her opinions are all through everything she does. It is not her fault that many eat up everything she dishes out.

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