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13 September 2006



I've heard Fenty speak. He's exciting. But I was hoping that Cropp would win.


District residents were really turned off by Cropp's attacks on Adrian's record and personal life and her links to the “establishment." Over the past year, I have had the pleasure of volunteering for the Fenty campaign. I was impressed early by an interview Adrian gave in the Metro Weekly, in which he defended same-sex marriages and acknowledged the HIV/AIDS crisis in D.C. and the need for education and prevention. Adrian's a people person, and has energy, vision, and dedication to lead the District forward. We made the right choice. I think we are in for a great four years!

C. Baptiste-Williams

As a recent DC resident... I was turned off by Cropps record. She has been in positions of power in the schools and on the city council for years and nothing has changed. She talks a good game but her actions are quite silent.

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